A competitive sport like Biathlon goes beyond the competition; there are many medical issues connected to it. Of course sport should further an athlete’s health. Thus, it is one duty of IBU to ensure that the health of the athletes, technicians, and officials is not being endangered during the sport or while working at an IBU event.

The greatest danger to an athlete’s health is the use of forbidden substances or methods. The section called, “Anti-doping” provides information about the work of IBU against doping. We work in conjunction with WADA and the IOC and use the online registration system, ADAMS. This system helps us with whereabouts of the top athletes and with other administrative tasks in the field of anti-doping.

Education about anti-doping has to target young athletes. That is why IBU offers its athletes the game “Clean Biathlonworld”. That way the young athletes, their support personnel, and coaches can learn about the topic in a playful way. They learn different facts about anti-doping and get motivation to engage in a clean sport. In addition, IBU teaches young athletes about different medical issues in cooperation with UNESCO.