Kaisa Doubles Up with Pursuit Victory

19.03.2016, Khanty Mansiysk / IBU Info/ MD
Last Loop Battle
Finland's Kaisa Mäkäräinen doubled her fun today by adding a pursuit win to go with Thursday's sprint win. She recovered from single penalties in the first prone and first standing stages to finish in 30:06.7 France's Marie Dorin Habert, with one penalty finished second, 1.5 seconds back. Italy's Dorothea Wierer matched Dorin Habert at the shooting range but finished third, 5.7 seconds back.

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Khanty Sprint to Kaisa; Second Year in a Row

 Gabriela Soukalova of Czech Republic, with two penalties finished fourth, 6.5 seconds back. Germany's Franziska Preuss, with one penalty was fifth, 6.6 seconds back. Sixth went to Fanny Horn Birkeland, with one penalty 13.1 seconds back.

Moment of Silence

The Siberian weather remained comfortable, with -1 Celsius and light wind again at the shooting range. A moment of silence was observed before the competition in honor of this morning's plane crash at Rostov-on-the-Don. Additionally, the Russian team wore black armbands in the competitions.

Powerful Trio

In the first two loops Olsbu, Wierer, Mäkäräinen and Soukalova dominated. One penalty loop for Olsbu in prone left her behind, and the trio of Wierer, Mäkäräinen and Soukalova continued the battle.

Decisive Last Loop

Approaching the final standing, Dorin Habert and Soukalova had a 20-second gap on the field.
Dorin Habert had a penalty as did Soukalova. Dorin Habert left in first, followed by Wierer, Soukalova, Preuss, Birkeland and Mäkäräinen. Mäkäräinen made a move on the first uphill, putting a gap on her rivals. Wierer, Dorin Habert, Soukalova and Preuss were fighting for the podium.Dorin Habert moved close to Mäkäräinen but was unable to challenge for the win, crossing in second. Wierer pulled away from Soukalova, grabbing the last podium spot.

The French star commented on the last loop. "When Kaisa passed us, we could not do anything. I tried to compete with other girls for the second place." Regarding the Total Score, " I was too far away from Gabi to concentrate on the Total Score. I want to continue to show good results to have a good feeling at the end of the season."

Cross-country Ahead

Mäkäräinen commented, "I think two penalties for me is OK, it's 90 per cent, this is better than my average...I had a lot of fun today, but we are all relaxed at the end of the season. We have Finnish Championships, this time I will take part in cross-country, and for me it will be another challenge."

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