Simon Schempp Tops Johannes in Pursuit

19.03.2016, Khanty Mansiysk / IBU Info/ MD
Lesser Third
Germany's Simon Schempp won this evening's men's 12.5K pursuit, with three penalties in 33:27.8. Norway's Johannes Thingnes Boe, with one penalty was second, 8.5 seconds back. Third went to Germany's Erik Lesser, with two penalties 15.7 seconds back.

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Benjamin Weger of Switzerland shot clean to fourth, 18.7 seconds back. Fifth went to Germany's Benedikt Doll, with two penalties 27.3 seconds back. Tim Burke of the USA matched Doll on the shooting range, finishing sixth, 31.3 seconds back.

The Yellow Bib Missing

The Yellow-Bib Martin Fourcade announced yesterday that he would skip the pursuit to focus on mass start. The men started under slightly colder temperatures than the women while the shooting range conditions remained unchanged.

Eberhard relinquished his lead with two penalties in the first prone stage while Lesser, Landertinger and Schempp had a 20 second lead on the field. In the second prone, Lesser cleaned, leaving with a 17 second gap on Eberhard and Burke, while Schempp had a penalty and fell back to fourth.
Lesser approached the first standing alone with his penalty opening an opportunity for Boe and Schempp who cleaned. They left the shooting range together chased by Landertinger and Lesser.
In the final standing stage; Boe, Schempp, Lesser and Burke all had a single penalty. Landertinger with two fell out of the mix. Weger cleaned leaving just out of the number three spot, behind Lesser.

Battle for the Podium

The last loop was a tough battle for first and third place. Boe left the stadium with a slight lead, but Schempp was faster on the last loop and claimed the win. Weger moved past Lesser at one point, but faded to fourth in the final few hundred meters.

Boe commented the last loop, "I came out of the shooting range in the first place. I knew there would be a fight with Schempp. On the final downhill Simon had more power."He added, "My season has been very good so far. I managed to attain a goal of being in the top 10 in the World Cup Total Score. I see now that I am in 2nd, so I would like to preserve this."

Schempp admitted that his shape has improved since Oslo. "After the World Championships my shape is getting better and better, I feel a lot of power in my legs. Nevertheless, I thought the win was possible only 200 meters before the finish."

Lesser and Weger

Lesser commented on his battle with Weger. "In the beginning of the lap I wanted to get ahead of Weger to secure a gap. Last year we had a similar fight in the mass start, and he beat me. Now it was reverse, and I am satisfied about it."


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