Retirement for Russia’s Ivan Tcherezov

19.03.2016, Khanty Mansyisk / IBU Communications/MD
Achieved 90 % of Career Goals
Two-time Olympic medalist and three-time World Champion Ivan Tcherezov today announced his retirement at a press conference in Khanty Mansiysk. Khanty was a symbolic place for him to make this announcement: the 35-year-old athlete had his first and last World Championships here in 2003 and 2011. Now he returned to say good-bye.

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Before and After

Tcherezov's career can be divided into two parts: before and after his 2011 injury in 2011, where he broke his leg while roller-skiing during a summer biathlon competition. He remembers this injury as the darkest moment in his career. "After the injury, I remembered what it was like to be on the highest level emotionally, but physically I could not get to that level. I had big ambitions to come back and no understanding of how serious my injury was. I think I was rushing too much."

The toughest time was yet to come, when Tcherezov was not selected for his home country Olympic Winter Games at Sochi in 2014.
"Having participated in two Olympics before, it really hurt me not to go to Sochi. During these two weeks, I could not even look at my skis and had no wish to continue".

New Beginning

Nevertheless, he found the motivation to start again. He spent last summer training with Anton Shipulin and Alexey Volkov. "When I was training with these guys, I started feeling young again. You are training hard, but you still recover."
Despite this, Tcherezov did not get selected to Russian team, and decided it was time to stop trying.
"I attained 90 per cent of my goals that I set before my biathlon career. An individual Olympic Gold medal, of course, would have been nice."

Regarding his future plans, coaching is an option. "People around me have talked about starting a coaching career. I am still thinking about it. But being a coach, you travel even more than as an athlete. I feel sorry for my family as I didn't see my children that much ever since I started competing on a World Cup level."

The IBU congratulates Ivan on his career and offers its best wishes for success in the future.

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