JOECH Pursuits to David Zobel & Julia Simon

20.03.2016, Pokljuka / IBU Info/ IS/JK
Second Medals for Dudchenko, Arnaud
Germany's David Zobel, with two penalties won the JOECH men's pursuit title in 32:56.7. France’s Julia Simon, with two penalties followed up with the Gold medal in the women’s pursuit in the afternoon session, in 36:28.5.

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IBU Junior Cup 4 & JOECH in Pokljuka

Men's Pursuit

Russia's Viktor Plitcev with 2 penalties, finished fourth1: 00.9 back while his teammate Nikita Porshnev with 4 penalties finished fifth, 1: 08.3 back 6th place went to Vladislav Vitenko of Kazakhstan, with two penalties, 1: 12.3 back.

After a cold night set the tracks hard, the sun was again shining making perfect conditions for the competitions. Individual and Sprint winner Viktar Kryuko led the field to the first prone, but had four penalties. Zobel and teammate Dominic Reiter cleaned and led Dudchenko out of the stadium. They cleaned the second prone to remain at the top of the field, Jacquelin took the lead with three clean stages, getting ahead of the two teammates, but Reiter was now 41 seconds back. The medals would be decided in the last standing stage. Zobel sealed the win by shooting clean while Jacquelin had two penalties and feel 11 seconds back, with Dudchenko 31 seconds from first. That set the podium.

"Pokljuka is My Place"

Zobel, with a JWCH Bronze medal and another here in yesterday's sprint was happy about his win. "I did not expect to. My plan was to defend my third place in the sprint, to win another medal. Both the running and the shooting went well today...The track was perfect; the material was perfect; Pokljuka is my place ".

The IBU Junior Cup pursuit title ended up in a tie between Russia's Nikita Porshnev and Jacquelin.

Women's Title to Julia Simon

Simon's teammate and sprint winner Lena Arnaud with 3 penalties finished second, 21.7 seconds back, but scored enough points to win the Junior Cup Pursuit title. Germany's Christin Maier won the Bronze medal with 2 penalties, 1: 19.4 back.

Fourth place went to Germany's Theresa Maria Straßberger, with two penalties, 2:12.5 back, while fifth went to the multi-medaled Anastasiya Merkushyna of Ukraine with five penalties, 3: 25.2 back. Russia's Ekaterina Moshkova finished sixth, with five penalties, 3: 33.4 back.

The women faced tougher conditions than the men earlier; the tracks had softened considerably, especially in the stadium and penalty loop. Arnaud led the pack out of the stadium followed by her teammate Chloe Chevalier. Both had two penalties in the first prone and fell behind. Merkushyna and Maier both cleaned and took the lead. In the second prone Arnaud and Simon cleaned, moving into the mix. Merkushyna matched and moved into third, 8.6 seconds back. The French teammates solidified their top spots with another perfect shooting performance, while the Ukrainian had three penalties, fell out of contention and Maier moved up to the number three spot. Even with a penalty each in the final standing stage, the French duo left 1-2; Simon 27 seconds ahead. Maier and Straßberger shot side-by-side; Maier cleaned and headed to the Bronze medal while her teammate made another tour of the penalty loop.

Amazing; Happy

Simon after finishing fifth in the sprint was elated. ""It is great; I am really happy! It is so amazing! I am very happy about my race; I didn't expect or think that I could win, with lost two shots. The track conditions were very hard but I had very good skis and so it was perfect!"

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