IBU Press Release

15.11.2016, Salzburg / IBU Communications
Subject: Anti-doping Hearing Panel (ADHP) decision in the case of Olga ABRAMOVA


15 November 2016 – Salzburg, Austria – The International Biathlon Union announced today that Olga Abramova, Ukraine has been found to have committed an Anti-Doping Rule violation under Article 2.1 of the IBU Anti-doping Rules.

Ms. Abramova provided a sample January, 10 2016. That sample was found to contain meldonium, which was added to the WADA Prohibited List on January, 1 2016.

On 11 April 2016 WADA issued a notice stating that, if the concentration of meldonium in a sample is below 1 μg/mL and the sample was collected prior to 1 March 2016, then this is compatible with an intake prior to January 2016. The concentration of meldonium in the urine sample collected from Ms. Abramova was 7.3 μg/mL.

After evaluating all circumstances of the case and considering an expert opinion based on a WADA funded research, the ADHP on November, 14 2016 decided that due to the fact that Ms. Abramova used the prohibited substance non-intentionally and that exceptional circumstances in the form of no significant fault or negligence were present, she was declared ineligible to compete for a period of one year commencing on the date of the issuance of this decision (November, 14 2016). The period of time elapsed since her provisional suspension (February 4, 2016), will be credited. She will therefore be eligible to start February, 4 2017.

All competitive results obtained by Ms. Olga Abramova as of January 10, 2016 through February 3, 2016, are disqualified with forfeiture of medals, points, and prizes. It was also decided that Ms. Abramova will pay a contribution of 2.000 Euro towards the costs of the result management and analysis.

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